Friday, July 31, 2009

How Now Brown Cow? (212/365)

2009 07 31 IMG_8585 
“Sacred cows make the best hamburger”

Mark Twain (American Humorist, Writer and Lecturer, 1835-1910)

TIME:  7:34 PM
PLACE:  Concordia Church Road
SUBJECT:  Bos taurus

Today was an errand and clean the car day.  One of the errands was going to the library to return some overdue library books.  I also had to replace a book that got caught in a soda bath.  Jack the cat has this thing for knocking over glasses of liquid – one of my library books happened to be in the line of fire.  Thank heavens for!  MonkeyBoy helped vacuum and wash the Jeep, so after dinner, as a reward, MB, StellaDella and I went to the video store to rent some games for their NintendoDS systems.  But before we went there, I told them that we were going for a little drive so I could find a picture to take.  On this country road, we passed a herd of cows and they both decided that the cows would make a good subject.  I turned around and pulled to the side of the road and took photos from the car.  SD helped out by yelling “Hey cows…look over here!” and you know what?  They did.


Mari said...

They were right - cows make a great subject. Thanks to Stella Della for her help!

Anonymous said...

I love your adventures with your children! You have such a way with writing about them, and I enjoy it. I'm glad you found the cow. She's a beauty. And SD hadn't called to her, you wouldn't have had such a good shot. Enjoy.

Christina said...

Moo! Great shot of the cow!

bentonflocke said...

great your children helped you finding a good picture and were helping you in other subjects

beautiful picture!