Saturday, August 1, 2009

How Cozy (213/365)

2009 08 01 IMG_8603 
Robot: Care for another sundae, weenie?
SpongeBob: I am not a weenie!
Nerd #2: Relax, you’re among friends. (
raises his drink)
SpongeBob: My friends don’t hang out at Weenie Hut Jr’s. (
scroll over to Patrick in the seat next to him)
Patrick: You tell 'em, SpongeBob! (
sips his drink)
SpongeBob: Patrick, what’re you doing here?
Patrick: I’m always here on Double Weenie Wednesdays.
Nerd #2: Actually they moved Double Weenie Wednesday to Friday.
Nerd #3: And besides, today’s Monday.
Patrick: Oh, so it’s Mega Weenie Monday?
Nerd #2: Uhh, that’s now on Sunday.
Patrick: Barnacles!
Nerd #3: Super Weenie Hut Jr’s has a Mega Weenie Monday.
Nerd #2: Uhh, no, you’re thinking of Monster Weenie Monday.
SpongeBob: I don’t have time for this! I’ve got to go pick a fight with a muscular stranger! It’s the only one of getting into the Salty Spittoon. (
begins to walks out)...

Spongebob Squarepants: No Weenies Allowed, Stephen Hillenburg - executive producer, Season 3, Episode 48a, Airdate March 15, 2002

TIME:  3:06 PM
PLACE:  Springfield, IL
SUBJECT:  Cozy Dog Drive-In Sign

HandsomeHusband purchased the “A Hot Dog Program” DVD from PBS and MonkeyBoy watches it regularly.  One of the hotdog places featured in the program is the “Cozy Dog Drive-In” in Springfield, Illinois.  It is only about 100 miles or so away and MB has been itching to go there and sample their wares.  Today, after his first football practice (and the girl’s first football cheerleader practice) we made the trek.  The diner is on Route 66 and the battered fried hot dogs are pretty dang tasty and well worth the trip.  Don’t you think that is the sweetest hot dog couple you’ve ever seen?  Love that sign!  Then it was back home so HH could participate in a hay-bale stacking contest at a homecoming.  This event raised money for the County’s 4-H program.  HH didn’t win, but I think he put on a good show and even more importantly, he didn’t throw out his back!  Afterwards, the kids went on some carnival rides and then we finally headed for home.  I’m beat.  


bentonflocke said...

cute hotdog couple!

As you told my about the ballon-story of your son.... it´s same in my life. My younger son let the ballons fly to his sister... she passed away 9 years ago...
it´s still hard for me..

Sara G said...

Great post and photo!!
Take care

Anonymous said...

What a fun day for you and your family! Yes, the sign is kinda cute, even to fit the theme.