Saturday, August 8, 2009

Topless (220/365)

2009 08 08 IMG_8834 2009 08 08 IMG_8833 
A girl in the convertible is worth five in the phone book.”

Mae West (American Actress and sex symbol, 1892-1980)

TIME:  7:33 PM
PLACE:  Driveway
SUBJECT:  1992 Mazda MX-5 Miata

Here is my first “baby”.  I adopted her on June 13, 1992 when she was a young pup…only 22 miles on her.  I remember that day well, I was still living at home and my oldest brother came by and accompanied me to the dealership.  It was destiny - I wanted a yellow convertible and lo and behold they happened to have a single “Sunburst Yellow” Miata sitting on their lot.  SOLD!  I pretty much learned how to drive the manual transmission taking her for the test drive.  After I signed the papers and took my brother home, I drove the car to HandsomeHusband’s place.  I still remember his eyes widening with surprise when he saw the car.  We drove it that night on our dinner date.  The Miata has been immortalized in our wedding album and went with us on our honeymoon to New Orleans.  Beginning in late 1997, she was “retired” to 3rd car status due to the birth of DramaQueen.  With the addition of two other children, she doesn’t get driven as much as she used to.  However, if HH and I go somewhere individually or if we have just one kid with us or we go on our date nights, we try to take “Mom’s yellow car” when possible.  She has 120,680 miles on the old odometer now.  DQ says she had dibs on the car when she gets her driver’s license in 4 years.  I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen – the “yellow car” is mine! ;) 


~Just me again~ said...

OMG I love that car, it's the car I always say I'm going to get 'one day'. You've got along ways go to on the mileage. I have a mazda Protoge, with 130K some kilometers, and am confident it will go over 300K. It's Japanese, lol I have faith.

Oz Girl said...

What a beautiful lil Miata, and obviously you've taken extremely good care of her. :)

Christina said...

Thanks for sharing ~ nice car! :)

Sara G said...

That is an awesome car! I love love love the color.
Great photo

Sujomi said...

~Just me again~ - I just love my Mazda, if HH wasn't union, that would be all I would buy!

Oz Girl - Yep, it helps that she's had a stable to rest in (garaged) since 1993. ;)

Christina - She's a great car, I look forward to driving her more once the kids are in school!

Sujomi said...

Sara G - I always thought a convertible looks better in yellow. ;)

Mari said...

My friend has a red Miata and they call it the Baby. The store it in the winter and have fun with it in the summer. Your Miata is very cute!

Sujomi said...

Mari - Before kids, we called it "The Miata", now it is known as "Mommy's Yellow Car". I love driving it, especially if I get a whistle while doing so. ;)