Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Notebooks (218/365)

2009 08 06 IMG_8814 
“The school is the last expenditure upon which America should be willing to economize.” 

Franklin Delano Roosevelt aka “FDR” (Member of the New York Senate, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, 44th Governor of New York, 32nd President of the United States, 1882–1945)

TIME:  9:54 PM
PLACE:  Dining room table
SUBJECT:  Spiral notebooks

Can you believe that two weeks from today, the kids will be back in school?  I can’t and neither can they.  We went to the Evil Empire today (Wal-mart) to purchase school supplies.  $140 later and we still didn’t have all we needed.  We headed home for lunch and then out to Target to finish up…we spent an additional $148 there.  The communal copy paper, white board markers, paper bowls, antiseptic wipes, tissues and baby wipes kill me.  I think it is a sad reflection on our school systems that they must rely on the students for basic office supplies.  Although, this is the second year that we do not have to supply film for cameras - thank goodness for digital cameras - I do foresee the day when we will be asked to purchase photo paper and inkjet cartridges as well.  In September, we will also charged a $50/child “supply fee”.  While HandsomeHusband and I can well afford these expenses, I often wonder about those who cannot.  Then I feel guilty about complaining and purchase a few extra supplies for the classroom.

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Mari said...

Great picture! I love the reference to the "Evil Empire". Our school also has a fee along with a list of supplies that need to be brought in.