Friday, August 21, 2009

Ricardo Montalbán Approved (233/365)

2009 08 21 IMG_9087 
“On my velvet couch reclining,
Ivy leaves my brow entwining,
While my soul expands with glee,
What are kings and crowns to me?”

Thomas Moore (Irish Poet, 1779-1852)

TIME:  9:50 PM
PLACE:  The Living room
SUBJECT:  New Leather Couch

After 12+ years, our old couch had done its time and was due to be retired.  It had been through 4 cats, 3 kids and 1 dog.  It had been jumped on, eaten on, thrown-up on, and urinated on.  (I will not go into other activities that have been performed on said couch.  This is a family-friendly blog.)  When I sat on either corner of it, my derriere would sink to the ground.  The upholstery covering the cushions was becoming threadbare.  It also retained a certain smell that even an entire bottle of Febreze could not rectify.  It was time for it to go.  Last Sunday, I looked at couches and I ended up choosing this leather one.  It was delivered this afternoon.  The dog is being trained to stay off of it – she has her own upholstered chair to sit on – I wish I could do the same with the kids!


bentonflocke said...

congrats to your new leather couch ... this is such a leather couch I´ll wish for myself ;-))

Great couch - and I hope you enjoy it!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely addition to the family. But forget about "training" the kids not to sit on it.

My late DH's brother used to refuse to let his kids sit on his furniture. In his vehicles, they had to sit on the floor. They grew up with an odd outlook on life. Let the children enjoy the couch, but give them some rules. :D

Sujomi said...

bentonflock - I haven't gotten to sit on it since it arrived - but the kids have!

Iona - Oh, I will be kids, but there will definately be no eating or drinking on it. Using it as a jungle gym is prohibited too!

Mari said...

Nice couch! I would love it!

SaraG said...

Awesome looking couch. Looks real comfy!!
Take care