Saturday, August 15, 2009

On Green Pond (227/365)

2009 08 15 IMG_8940 
An old pond—
a frog tumbles in—
the sound of water.

Matsuo Basho (1644-1694), Japanese poet. (Untitled haiku), Trans. by Bernard Lionel Einbond, appearing in One Hundred Frogs by Hiroaki Sato, New York & Tokyo: Weatherhill (1983).

TIME:  2:29 PM
PLACE:  Town Hall Road
SUBJECT:  Dock with boat and chair

MonkeyBoy’s baseball team had their end of the season BBQ today.  My contribution for the occasion was a 7-layer salad – layered last night as we had football and cheerleading practice this morning.  It was held at a former winery, which also happens to be the home of one of his fellow ballplayers.  A pond bordered part of the property and of course, StellaDella was drawn to it like a magnet.  This brightly colored chair and paddleboat were across the pond from where we stood.  The sun was bright overhead and washed out much of the contrast of the boat and chair, but I like the reflection in the water.


Mari said...

This is such a peaceful shot! I like the reflection too.

Anonymous said...

This certainly evokes summer fun! The reflections are fabulous. Nice shot, even with your light problems.

bentonflocke said...

the shot is beautiful with the brightning colors! And your salad sounds delicious!

Sara G said...

Very pretty, I love the color reflections in the water!!
Great photo!!