Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mmmm…Fried Bologna (232/365)

2009 08 20 IMG_9064 
“If you are writing about baloney, don't try to make it Cornish hen, because that is the worst kind of baloney there is. Just make it darned good baloney.”

Leo Burnett (Pioneer American advertising Executive, 1891-1971)

TIME:  1:52 PM
PLACE:  The Beltline and 17th St.
SUBJECT:  Hardee’s sign

My cousin, Kathleen, called me this morning and said that she saw this sign and just had to let me know about it.  When she told me what Hardee’s was now serving, I had to laugh.  A fried bologna sandwich was a childhood staple of ours.  I still get a craving for one every once in awhile and have introduced my kids to its joys.  I can’t believe that our hoosier lunch has gone mainstream.  Kat and I wondered if when they fry it, do they fry it until the middle rises up and the bologna slice looks like a little hat in the pan?  Do they serve it with Fritos on the side?  I just might have to try this fast-food delight!

(I didn’t get to take any “redos” today for the kid’s 1st day pictures – it was gloomy again this morning…  stupid weather!)


Jennifer said...

I love fried bologna sandwiches! This is awesome. I love your blog. Love the quotes, love the stories, love the time of day, the fantastic pictures, everything!! Thanks for continually inspiring me. :)

Jennifer McDougall said...

Oops! Wrong account. It's Jennifer McDougall. :)

bentonflocke said...

sorry about the terrible weather! Anyway great shot and enjoy your childhood memory!

Anonymous said...

Both my late DH and my current DH liked/likes fried bologna sandwiches. I'd never heard of them until I married my first husband.

Mari said...

Yuck - that doesn't sound good at all!

Christina said...

I haven't had a fried bologna sandwich since I was a kid.