Monday, August 24, 2009

How To Make A Point (236/365)

2009 08 24 IMG_9163 
I think there are a hundred bees
inside the pencil sharpener
and they buzz
and buzz
and buzz
until my point
is sharp!

Zoë Ryder White, “The Pencil Sharpener”

TIME:  8:40 PM
PLACE:  The basement landing
SUBJECT: APSCO Pencil Sharpener

Is it me, or do pencils today not seem to sharpen as well as they did when I was younger?  We have tons of pencils that we have gotten from goody bags, giveaways, etc and my kids will sharpen them and more often than not, the graphite tip falls off.  I don’t recall that happening when I was in school.  In any case, here is a photo of a great pencil sharpener.  It was attached to a wooden cart that I bought at a yard sale for two dollars.  The seller told me that both were from a school classroom.  The cart and the sharpener had been sitting downstairs by the washing machine since I purchased them.  Whenever the kids would need a sharpened pencil for homework they would trudge down the steps to the basement, complaining the whole time about how far they had to walk to sharpen their pencil. About a month ago, it finally occurred to me that it would make more sense to hang the dang thing closer to where we actually use it – what a concept!  So I attached it to the back of the basement door where it is more readily available.  I’m sure there will still be whining during homework time, but at least the sharpener is much closer!


SaraG said...

Great photo!
Pencils do not last as long as they used to. Seems like the lead is broken inside the wooden part of the pencil and snaps easily.
I have to buy my husband the bigger kindergarten pencils to use here at work because they seem to last longer and as stronger.

bentonflocke said...

cool sharpener!! In my childhood the pencils were better than today!! We have know the same problems...

Mari said...

I love the photo and the quote! I think you are right about the pencils though, they seem to break much easier!