Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hall Pass (223/365)

2009 08 11 IMG_8884 
“The reward of a thing well done, is to have done it.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882), U.S. essayist, poet, philosopher. Lecture, March 3, 1884, in Amory Hall, Boston, Massachusetts. "New England Reformers," Essays, Second Series (1844)

TIME:  8:07 PM
PLACE:  School hallway
SUBJECT:  School hallway and banner

Tonight I had a leadership team meeting at the children’s school.  The leadership team was put together by our principal when she arrived at our school 3 years ago.  It consists of parents, teachers, and the principal.  The main focus of the leadership team is to improve the overall school environment for our children.  We discussed a new program regarding rewards for the students this year.  The goal is to eliminate rewarding the kids with candy, stickers, small prizes, etc and replace that by teaching them to make good choices because it is the right thing to do.  We want to move from extrinsic rewards to one with more intrinsic recognition.  It is a new mind-set and will undoubtedly, make some kids unhappy at first.  The current reward system has just not been retaining the behaviors that are desired, so we are taking this new approach.  It will be interesting to see how this program is greeted by the kids next week when school begins.


Sara G said...

It will be very interesting to see how this all plays out. Keep us posted okay?
Cool photo!!

bentonflocke said...

fantastic banner!!

Thanks for your good thoughts!!

Mari said...

There is a lot of wisdom in that sign. Hope it sinks in!

Sujomi said...

Sara G - I will be interesting...my kiddos tried to get more info out of me, but we agreed to let Mrs. E (the principal) explain the program to each class.

bentonflocke - You are welcome and I will keep you in them!

Mari - It is part of the school pledge that the Leadership Team put together the first year. The kids recite it each morning after the Pledge of Allegiance.