Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Walk and Talk (231/365)

2009 08 19 IMG_9055 
“You send your child to the schoolmaster, but 'tis the schoolboys who educate him.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson (American essayist, philosopher and
poet, 1803–1882)

TIME:  8:15 AM
PLACE:  School playground
SUBJECT:  MonkeyBoy, StellaDella and Friend

Today was the first day of school, well, until 11:30am anyway.  It was a cloudy and overcast morning and the pictures I took in our “1st day of school” spot on the front lawn look gloomy because of that.  Since tomorrow is the 1st full day, I will take pictures again and they will count for first day shots.  The kids will roll their eyes at me, but too bad, so sad!  I’m the mom and I can call a photo do-over if I want to!  

Our school does what is called a “Walk and Talk” in the morning from 8am until the first bell rings at 8:20am.  When the kids arrive at school, they walk in a large circle around the playground and talk to their friends.  MB and his classmate took SD under their wings during Walk and Talk this morning.  SD was disappointed, she thought that she would get to climb and slide on the play structure until school began.  And apparently she was disappointed in the curriculum as well. While we were eating lunch, she informed me that “Mrs. K--- did not teach me how to read today!”  Hmmph, tomorrow I shall have to tell Mrs. K--- that I am very displeased with the fact that SD cannot read yet and that my faith in her ability to teach kindergarten is quite shaken. ;) 


Anonymous said...

This will be a photo they will remember for a long while and cherish when they are of an age to appreciate it. Maybe even more than their 1st day of school photos. :D This is a grand shot!

Dot O said...

Cute photo Sujomi! I hope the teacher doesn't "slack off" two days in a row and SD is reading War and Peace by the weekend!! That is so funny about her disappointment.

I'll be looking for your photo re-dos tonight!

SaraG said...

Great post and I love that picture.
I just cannot believe teachers these dare they not teach her to read her first day of school :-)
Take care!
Our Grandson starts school next Thursday!

bentonflocke said...

LOL, SD is so cute and fantastic!
Great shot and fantastic story behind!

Good luck for the next school year! We have still school holidays for 3 weeks

Sujomi said...

Iona - I think they will too. I was touched at how MB took his sister under his wing.

Dot O - I was there today and SD told me that she still didn't know how to read! I guess she's ready.

Sara G - I know, what is our education system coming to? Hope your Grandson enjoys his 1st day!

Sujomi said...

bentonflocke - Wow...3 more weeks! I was ready, and the kids were ready to go back. We'll see how long the newness lasts!

Mari said...

What a sweet photo! Too bad she hasn't learned to read yet though.