Friday, July 3, 2009

Knee-High To A Grasshopper (184/365)

2009 07 03 IMG_6968
The poetry of earth is never dead:
When all the birds are faint with the hot sun,
And hide in cooling trees, a voice will run
From hedge to hedge about the new-mown mead;
That is the Grasshopper's—he takes the lead
In summer luxury,—he has never done
With his delights; for when tired out with fun
He rests at ease beneath some pleasant weed.
The poetry of earth is ceasing never:
On a lone winter evening, when the frost
Has wrought a silence, from the stove there shrills
The Cricket's song, in warmth increasing ever,
And seems to one in drowsiness half lost,
The Grasshopper's among some grassy hills

John Keats, "On The Grasshopper And Cricket", Poems, Published/Written in 1817

TIME:  10:29 AM
PLACE:  The side yard
SUBJECT:  Grasshopper

We borrowed the power washer from my Dad and HandsomeHusband and I washed the siding on the front porch and the porch deck in preparation for painting the porch floor.  I also noticed some mildew on the side of the house on the aluminum siding and sprayed it with a bleach and water solution.  While I was waiting for the bleach to do its thing, I saw this tiny grasshopper on the plants by the foundation.  I  believe that his antenna were 3 times as long as he was!  After about 4 shots, he was finished with his photo session and hopped away.


Mari said...

Nice eye in finding this green in the middle of the green!

Sara G said...

Great photo. I was on a service call with hubby yesterday and seen a praying mantis baby. It was only about an inch long. I wished I had had my camera with me

Christina said...

Nice shot of green on green!

Oz Girl said...

Wow, no kidding, those ARE some long antenna!! Wonderful photo. I always love your photos and the poems or quotes you find to go along with them. ;)

bentonflocke said...

fantastic shot of the grasshopper!

Sujomi said...

Mari - If he hadn't of hopped, I wouldn't have found him. Great camouflage from the birds.

Sara G - Oooh, that would have been a great shot. I love praying mantis!

Christina - It is a lot of green, isn't it?

Sujomi said...

Oz Girl - His antennae are killer! I enjoy finding the quotes, though some days it is a challenge.

bentonflocke - At first I was going for a spider shot, but he was not co-operating! The nerve.