Monday, July 6, 2009

Wet Paint (187/365)

2009 07 06 IMG_7319 
"We'll paint the town and the front porch too."


TIME:  7:28 PM
PLACE:  The front porch
SUBJECT:  Fresh paint

After only 5 years, we are slowly creeping up on completing the front porch project.  Well, the porch itself...landscaping around it is another story.  And ok, ok, we still need to put the cap on the handrail too.  You don't want to rush these things. ;)  This morning I rolled a coat of paint on the porch deck.  HandsomeHusband is suppose to be sanding the steps so I can paint those tomorrow.  Then there will be a second coat that has special anti-slip granules mixed in so we don't fall on our behinds when it rains.  Hmmmm, now I'm going to need some new porch furniture.


~Just me again~ said...

Ohh it looks so smooth and fresh. I kinda want to touch it ;) lol

Dot O said...

This is such a neat photo! I love the lines and shadows in this one!!! I'm picturing a few wood rockers and a nice pot of tea on this porch.

Anonymous said...

I want to run across it in socks and slide! hehe

Sara G said...

Awesome photo.
What a lovely front porch!!
Can't wait to see the new furniture!!!

Mari said...

Nice shot! I love the shadows.

Michelle said...

How wonderful to have such a lovely porch. We don't have porches out in my neck of the woods. They seem so romantic!