Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Crossing the Bridge (252/365)

2009 09 09 IMG_9737 
“The hardest thing to learn in life is which bridge to cross and which to burn.”

David Russell (Scottish,
classical guitarist, b1953)

TIME:  2:01 PM
PLACE:  Highway 255/270 heading west 
SUBJECT:  Jefferson Barracks Bridge approach

Well, I thought that SD had FINALLY broken her fever this morning.  She had gone 9 hours without a temperature.  Then her fever spiked to 102 degrees.  So I called the pediatrician and made another appointment.  Our pediatrician is about 45 minutes away, in Missouri and to get there we cross this bridge over the Mississippi River.  Dr. P--- examined SD and took another flu test which was negative again.  She gave SD some ibuprofen, then sent us down to radiology to get x-rays of SD’s lungs to rule out pneumonia.  Her lungs were clear.  Yea!  We went back to the office and discussed our next step, which was…peeing in a cup!  The sample was clear and undiluted which meant that SD was not dehydrated – that was a good thing!  There was a low bacteria count, but a high white blood cell count, so the conclusion was that although SD is over her virus, she now has a urinary tract infection.  Antibiotics were prescribed and I am to call tomorrow and update her on SD’s condition.  I hope this will be the answer – it will be one week tomorrow that she’s been running a fever. 


Iona said...

Taint good, McGee! Although children sometimes run fevers for apparently no reason whatsoever. But if you have an antibiotic, that should take care of the problem. Glad they were able to get to find answers. She should rest more comfortably now. Hope she mends quickly. Good bridge photo. I've found that burning bridges is not a good practice. You may need to cross back over them some day.

Mari said...

Nice bridge shot! I'm glad they got some antibiotics ordered. Hope SD feels better tomorrow!