Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Clouds (245/365)

2009 09 02 IMG_9617 
“Clouds symbolize the veils that shroud God.”

Honoré de Balzac (French novelist and playwright, 1799–1850)

TIME:  3:31 PM
PLACE:  State Street Road
SUBJECT:  Clouds & field

MonkeyBoy had his first band practice of the year after classes today at the Junior High school.  He plays the saxophone and is bused there from his grade school and we pick him up after practice.  I usually take a “back way” to get there, which still has some farmland which hasn’t been developed into subdivisions.  On my way to pick him up, I stopped and snapped this photo of the clouds.  I’m not sure what is growing in this field - last year it was a cornfield.  I don’t think that the field was farmed this year, but it looks like some rogue cornstalks have popped up, reminders of last year’s crop.


SaraG said...

Beautiful pictures you posted the past week!! Sorry I haven't been commenting. I took a quick trip to Iowa to see Grandma last Friday and got home last night.
Hubby goes in for hernia surgery tomorrow morning. Hope to get some photo's I took posted on my photogablog site this weekend!
Take care

Mari said...

Cool clouds! I love sky pictures - they can vary so much!

Iona said...

As you know from my blog, clouds are a favorite subject of mine. I love clouds!! Good shot. Glad you had time to sandwich it in to your busy schedule.

bentonflocke said...

really wonderful clouds!!!