Sunday, September 20, 2009

On Any Given Sunday (263/365)

2009 09 20 IMG_0165
Tony D'Amato: On any given Sunday you're gonna win or you're gonna lose. The point is - can you win or lose like a man?

Any Given Sunday (Al Pacino-actor, Daniel Pyne
& John Logan-screen story, John Logan & Oliver Stone
-screenplay, Oliver Stone-director, 1999)

TIME:  1:14 PM
PLACE:  Knight’s Home Field
SUBJECT:  #39 MonkeyBoy

MB had his second football game of the season today.  I thought it would be a mud-fest as it rained last night and this morning.  But it ended up stopping in time for the game and the field didn’t end up being really muddy.  We were on our home field (can you tell we live in the Midwest…see all that corn in the background?).  MB had a great ball carry to gain a first down and also made a good defensive tackle.  The girls cheered them on to victory, even though we didn’t have pom-poms.  The Knights won 26-0.

(I used the Seventies Photoshop Action from The Pioneer Woman on this picture.)


SaraG said...

Great photo, I just love the corn in the background!!

Michelle said...

What a fantastic capture and I love the edit as well.

They look like a determined bunch don't they?

Sujomi said...

SaraG - Corn on one side and woods on one endzone. Definately not a city field!

Michelle - The action reminded me of those old football documentary films. And those are some intense expressions!

Oz Girl said...

I LOVE this shot. The 70's action was perfect. :)

Sujomi said...

Oz Girl - Can you hear the narrator from the seventies football film?