Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sinister Ceramics (258/365)

2009 09 15 IMG_0054 
The crow wished everything was black, the owl, that every thing was white.

William Blake (English visionary Mystic, Poet, Painter and Engraver. 1757-1827)

TIME: 5:45 PM
PLACE:  The front porch
SUBJECT:  Halloween craft

The minute I saw this Halloween idea, I knew what I was going to do on my day off today – go thrifting for some owl ceramics!  I found an owl, a blue jay, and an awful colored blue metal candelabra.  Next, I headed to the local craft store for flat-backed red rhinestones and matte black spray paint.  A couple of quick coats of paint, a little drying time, a little glue to stick the rhinestones on for the eyes and I have the most excellent Halloween decorations!  The blue jay turned into an AWESOME looking crow (or raven, if you prefer).  The candelabra looks good as well.   I am now going to look for a cat and a couple more owls and/or birds to add to the spooky vignette.  Oh, and some cheap Barbie dolls to turn into zombies.  The awesomeness of this craft cannot be described in mere words.  You must go out and make some evil minions for yourself.  I command you!


bentonflocke said...

my boys love halloween stuff!

john caponi said...

susan, you are so funny and creative. love the way your pics come to life with the story

Sujomi said...

bentonflocke - Halloween is so much fun!

john - Thanks bro! I ended up painting 2 cats, another owl and more birds. My army of the night is ready!