Monday, March 15, 2010

Badges (074/365)

2010 03 15 IMG_5110w 
(After being unable to sell cookies to Albert Einstein)
DOT: Ohh, oh, my heart aches with the sorrow of a thousand scouts. No merit badge. I mourn my loss. *sob* *sob*
YAKKO: [Clapping] Say, those acting classes are really paying off! DOT: Think so?

"Cookies for Einstein." Animaniacs (Episode #2). Perfs. Tress MacNeille, Rob Paulsen. Amblin Entertainment, Warner Bros. Animation, 1993.

TIME:  8:49 PM
PLACE:  Pack Meeting
SUBJECT:  Webelo Activity Badges

MonkeyBoy had a Pack meeting tonight where he was awarded his Engineer Activity Badge (the gears on the green ribbon) and Cub Scout Academics belt loop for Mathematics.  He finally got to show off the catapult that we made back in January – the other boys were suitably impressed with it’s pompom flinging action. 


Mari said...

Congratulations to Monkey Boy!

Michelle said...

The name webelows always cracks me up. But congrats for all his accomplishments.

bentonflocke said...

congratulations to MB cool badges!