Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pushing Up Peonies (066/365)

2010 03 07 IMG_4969w 
“And the Spring comes slowly up this way.”

Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834), British poet. Christabel (l. 22). . . Poems [Samuel Taylor Coleridge]. John Beer, ed. (1993) Everyman.

TIME:  5:01 PM
PLACE: Front yard
SUBJECT:  Peony shoots

We had some lovely weather today, we made it to 60 degrees.  We did get a quick downpour mid-afternoon, but the rain, although heavy, was over after less than 5 minutes and the sun came out again.  When my dad came by on Friday, he had mentioned that he noticed the peonies were coming up.  After the rain stopped, I went out to look for them.  Yep, they were there.


Michelle said...

What a lovely sign of spring. I also love the lucky charms shot. :) That is one kid cereal that I will not consume.

Mari said...

What a happy shot! I'm so ready for Spring!