Friday, March 5, 2010

Slipping Away (064/365)

2010 03 05 IMG_4929aw
“Often while traveling with a camera we arrive just as the sun slips over the horizon of a moment, too late to expose film, only time enough to expose our hearts.”

Minor Martin White (American photographer, 1908–1976)

TIME:  5:54 PM
PLACE:  Going south on Highway 15
SUBJECT:  Sunset

My dad came over at 5:30pm, we packed everyone into the Ford F150 extended cab pickup truck and headed south by the Kaskaskia River to eat fish for dinner tonight.  I sat in the front, between HandsomeHusband, who was driving and my dad, while the three kids sat in the seat behind us.  As we were heading down the highway, the sun was setting.  My dad rolled down the window and I attempted to hold the camera steady and focus on the scene.  Apparently I was taking too long as the kids began to complain about the cold air rushing into the cab of the truck.  I quickly pressed the shutter-release button and took my one and only photo for the day before Dad rolled up the window.  It is not in focus nor is it composed very well, but I do like the red glow coming from behind the trees.


Monica said...

I have one of these from last week too! I was leaving work ... it looked good through the eyes ... but not through the camera!

Daylight savings time starts next weekend. That will give you a bit more "fudge" time for sunsets!

Mari said...

I like the glow too and the way the sun looks like it's just setting on the ground.