Saturday, March 27, 2010

Casting Iron In The Fire (086/365)

2010 03 27 IMG_5355w 
“Cast iron is so superior for cooking utensils to our modern aluminum that I not only cannot grieve for the pioneer hardship of cooking in iron over the hearth, but shall retire if necessary to the back yard with my two Dutch ovens, turning over all my aluminum cookers for airplanes with a secret delight.”

Majorie Kinnan Rawlings, 'Cross Creek' (1942)

TIME:  4:13 PM
PLACE:  Girl Scout Camp
SUBJECT:  Cooking pots

StellaDella’s Daisy troop had an overnight camp-out this weekend.  DramaQueen went with us as well.  We left today at 11am and plan on returning tomorrow at noon.  Another mom started the campfire and she and I oversaw the cooking of the chicken legs in cast iron pots.  The girls covered the legs with BBQ sauce and cola and we took them out and set them in the fire.  In about an hour they were done.  They tasted pretty good, SD had two of them for supper.  We also hiked, played outside games and made some crafts.  We are sleeping inside “lodges” that have bathrooms and a small kitchen – for that I am eternally grateful.

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Mari said...

What a fun outing! I agree with you on staying in the lodges - I would be grateful for that too!