Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dime-In Ring (087/365)

2010 03 28 IMG_5404w 
“Say you don't need no diamond ring and I'll be satisfied
Tell me that you want the kind of thing that money just can't buy
I don't care too much for money, money can't buy me love”

Lennon, John & McCartney, Paul. “Can’t Buy Me Love.” A Hard Day’s Night. Parlophone, 1964.

TIME:  7:21 PM
PLACE:  My desk
SUBJECT:  Dollar bill origami ring

Well, I survived the camping trip.  It started raining late last night and all morning so we did not get to hike again today.  I was in charge of making pancakes for the troops – 23 girls and 6 leaders.  I think I made about 80 pancakes in all.  I told the girls that I spit in every other one and they had to figure out which ones they were.  The looks I got in return were priceless.  We returned home about noon and after eating lunch and taking a shower, I took a nap.  My bed never felt so good.

After we ate supper tonight, MonkeyBoy tried following directions to fold an origami ring out of a dollar bill.  He had some difficulties with some of the folding and asked me for help with it.  I did and after I finished, he gave it to me.  He said he wanted to give me a “dime-in” ring.  *smiles* I love my boy. 


Mari said...

I would like to see pictures of those looks! Nice ring too!

Michelle said...

I am impressed that you did an over night camping trip with Daisy's! We didn't camp with our girls until they were in the 3rd grade! I'm glad you had fun. I know from experience as a leader that the girls really do cherish their camping trip memories.