Monday, March 1, 2010

Lego Tower (060/365)

2010 03 01 IMG_4852w 
“The loftiest towers rise from the ground.”

Chinese Proverb

TIME:  6:15 PM
PLACE:  Living room
SUBJECT:  StellaDella and her Lego tower

SD brought out the container of large Legos this evening and proceeded to build a tall tower.  It was rather unstable and fell shortly after this photo was taken, exploding Lego bricks across the floor.  Those plastic bricks made a really loud noise when they hit the laminate.  Jack and Oreo did not like that sound at all.  Unperturbed, SD went ahead and rebuilt, even after it crashed several more times.


Mari said...

I love the angle! Shows the height really well!

Kristin said...

Great prespective! Love it!

SaraG said...

How FUN!
Great photo.
Take care

Dot O said...

Wonderful angle! I miss the days of my kids playing with their Legos, daughter with her Harry Potter sets and son with every other set imaginable. I have saved each and every one - I hope one day to have grandkids that will enjoy them.

Susan said...

If all of life were as simple as Legos. I miss them. Wonderful picture--looks like your Lego tower is as tall as the Eiffel Tower--or perhaps a tad taller.