Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Goose And A Steer Walk Into A Park…(090/365)

2011 03 31 IMG_0409w
“Why didn't the baby goose believe anything his father said?…He thought it was all papagander.”

Bad animal joke

2011 03 31 IMG_0429w
”Why shouldn’t you tell jokes about cows?…Because nobody likes a cattle-tale.”

Even worse animal joke.

TIME:  2:01 and 2:10 PM
PLACE:  Park
SUBJECT:  A Canadian goose and a steer (I think)

The HH and I went out to lunch today at our favorite sushi place.  Afterwards, we went for a little drive and stopped at a county park to see what there was to photograph.  We found this goose by a pond with its companion, while the steer was in the wooden part of a field adjacent to the park road.

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Mari said...

Nice animal shots! As for the jokes... Hmm!