Saturday, March 19, 2011

HH’s Mid-Life Crisis (078/365)

2011 03 19 IMG_0122w
“Around mid-life everyone goes maniac a little bit.”

Tom Berenger (American actor, b1949)

TIME:  7:03 PM
PLACE:  Main Street
SUBJECT:  Reflection of 1990 Corvette in downtown window

I guess it could have been worse – he could have gotten a girlfriend instead of a car.  I think he calculated the car would cost him a whole lot less in the long run. *rolls eyes*  Wait!  If this is mid-life for him, does this mean he’s going to hang around until he is 110?  Oy vey! – I was hoping to still be young enough to be able replace him with a handsome young stud after he’s gone.  Drat…I guess I’ll need to alter my future plans.


Ashley @ 365 things said...

Yep, my husband is determined to get a corvette when he gets old. I'm ok with it as long as I can drive sometimes. ;)

Dana said...

No he didn't!

Sujomi said...

Ashley - Actually, I would have preferred he buy a Harley myself! ;)

Dana - Oh yes he did.