Sunday, March 20, 2011

Super Moon Through Branches (079/365)

2011 03 20 IMG_1090aw
“The moon, the anchorless
Moon go swerving
Down at the earth for a catastrophic kiss.”

Philip Larkin (1922-1986), British poet. "The Dancer."

TIME:  10:00 PM
PLACE:  Off the highway

It was too cloudy last night to see the pinnacle of the Super Moon (where the moon is closest to the earth in its elliptical orbit), but I was able to snap a picture of it tonight instead.  According to NASA and contrary to popular belief, the closeness of this moon will not create any giant catastrophic events…the most it will do is could pull some tide waters a few centimeters higher than usual.  The best thing that happened today is that the spring equinox occurred at 18:20 hours – Hot damn and Hallelujah!


Lucy Corrander said...

I would expect to see a witch ride through on her broomstick.


bentonflocke said...

anyone a fantastic shot!
We had fantastic weather for the moon, but the camera wasn´t good enough to make a interesting shot.

Ashley @ 365 things said...