Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pillow Pet (072/365)

2011 03 13 IMG_1056w
"It's a Pillow. It's a Pet. It's a Pillow Pet!".

Advertising slogan

TIME:  12:53 PM
PLACE:  Living room
SUBJECT:  StellaDella and Oreo

SD has been obsessed not only with zombies, but also with Pokémon.  She has been diligently playing the Nintendo DS Pokémon Soul Silver game we bought her for her birthday.  Today, I caught her using Oreo as a pillow as she was dressing her Kyogre on her game system.  It doesn’t look like Oreo minds one bit.


Christina said...

LOVE this photo!

Jennifer said...

Awww...I love this! Beautiful shot.

Mari said...

This is so sweet! It's an original pillow pet!

Lucy Corrander said...

Oreo looks very content.

Are you being badgered for a 3DS?


Sujomi said...

Christina - Thanks

Jennifer - Thank you.

Mari - Oreo is stuffy enough to be a pillow that's for sure.

Sujomi said...

Lucy -