Monday, March 28, 2011

Horizontal Stripes (087/365)

2011 03 28 _MG_0339w
“Once you can accept the universe as being something expanding into an infinite nothing which is something, wearing stripes with plaid is easy.”

Albert Einstein (German born American Physicist who developed the special and general theories of relativity. Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921. 1879-1955)

TIME:  3:46 PM
PLACE:  My bedroom
SUBJECT:  Stripe shadows

We are supposed to get ANOTHER 3-5 inches of snow late tomorrow afternoon – which should all melt by Wednesday and then we are supposed to get up to 71 degrees on Saturday.  Nutsy!  ~*~*~  Anyway, I forgot to put the memory card back in my little camera and could not take my weekly photo at the parking lot at work.  When I returned home I went upstairs to change into sweats and noticed the shadows coming in my bedroom window.  I decided to try to get all artsy with my shot today.  You know what they say about wearing horizontal stripes…I hope they don’t make me look fat.

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