Thursday, October 13, 2011

Guess Where I Was At 10:19pm (286/365)

2011 10 13 IMG_1105wTIME:  10:19 PM
PLACE:  Walgreens

7:00 pm: Son announces he needs photos for a class project tomorrow.  Tells you he reminded you of this yesterday.  You insist this was not vocalized.  He insists back that it was.
7:01 pm:  Realize that you have no ink to print photos at home.  Decide on Plan “B” – Walgreens one-hour photo.
7:21 pm:  Spend 20 minutes searching your hard drive for specific photos your son wants.  Decide you need a better photo organizing system but it isn’t going to happen tonight.
7:22 pm:  Upload photos, and choose Walgreens near your 8:00 pm meeting place.  Forget to click “Place Order Now” button.  Go upstairs to change for meeting.
7:36 pm:  Check status of order before leaving.  Realize you forgot to click “Place Order Now” button as page tells you your pickup time has changed.  Click to accept new pickup time.  Again forget to click “Place Order Now” button.
8:00 pm:  Arrive at your 8:00pm class reunion planning meeting.  Drink one beer during meeting. (well, it was at a bar).
9:11 pm:  With meeting over, enter nearby Walgreens to pick up photos.  Discover they have no record of your order.  Call home to see if confirmation email was received.  It wasn’t.  Realize you probably forgot to click the d*#m button again.  Further discover that this Walgreens closes at 10:00pm and cannot process photos tonight.
9:31 pm:  Arrive back home.  Locate another Walgreens that will process  photos until midnight.  Praise the heavens that it is close by.  Remember to click the “Place Order Now” button.  Verify confirmation email.  Eat 8 – Mary Jane’s Peanut Butter Kisses that you bought at the first Walgreens after you found out that you messed up ordering the photos.
9:48 pm: Receive email that your order is ready.  Head out to pick up photos.
10:19 pm: As you leave Walgreens with the photos, realize you have no picture for the blog today.  Swear and quickly snap photo of store sign.

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Mari said...

Sounds like quite a night. I'm sure you're right and it wasn't vocalized!