Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rorschach Test (275/365)

2011 10 02 IMG_1063w
“But my dear man, reality is only a Rorschach ink-blot, you know.”

Alan Watts (American Writer, Thinker and Interpreter of Zen Buddhism, 1915-1973)

TIME:  9:51 AM
PLACE:  County Park
SUBJECT:  Tree branch in lake & its reflection

We dropped the kids off at Sunday School, then HH and I played hooky.  We went out to eat breakfast, then stopped by a county park for some picture taking before we had to pick them up from class.  Later this afternoon - after MB’s soccer game and a parish Wurstmart early supper - HH and I abandoned left the kids in DQ’s capable hands and went to see a movie (What’s Your Number).  I don’t think we went to the movie theater by ourselves since December 2009.  Yes, we were selfish parents today.

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Mari said...

You have to have a selfish moment occasionally! Love the shot - it really does look like a Rorschach test.