Monday, August 16, 2010

Locker Opening Success (228/365)

2010 08 16 IMG_9300w 
Spongebob Squarepants: Behold, Patrick, the hallway of learning. And here's the fountain of learning. And these are the lockers of learning.

"New Student Starfish." SpongeBob SquarePants. Perf. Tom Kenny. Nicktoons Productions. 20 Sept. 2002. Television.

TIME:  6:18 PM
PLACE:  Junior High School
SUBJECT:  DramaQueen

This evening was orientation for DQ at the Junior High School.  I first embarrassed her by insisting that she bring all of her school supplies with us tonight.  I then further embarrassed her by taking pictures while she learned to open her locker ~ *giggles* it’s fun being a mom and humiliating your children.  We walked her schedule so she knew where her classes are located on campus.  She’s pretty excited about starting Junior High (7th grade!) on Wednesday.  The only dark cloud is that she doesn’t have any classes with her BFF, but on the plus side, they will be riding the bus together.  She does have homeroom and lunch with her other two BFFs, so I guess that somehow, she will survive.


Christina said...

Best wishes in 7th grade, DQ! Great photo! :)

Mari said...

Learning to open the locker is a big deal - you did good in getting a picture. She is looking so old - and beautiful too!

bentonflocke said...

good luck and the best wishes for the 7th grade!

Dot O said...

ADorable pic! We have something in common - we both take great joy in embarrassing our kids.....

I wish her all the best.