Friday, August 20, 2010

Upside Down (232/365)

2010 08 20 IMG_2737w
“Sometimes I have to stand on my head to see things as they are, when the world seems so upside-down that this is the only position in which anything makes sense.”


TIME:  11:28 PM
PLACE:  Kitchen

You know how I have said that I feel like I’m cheating when I take pictures of flowers?  Well, I’m adding taking pictures of the pets to that list as well.  They make good subjects when you need a picture of the day and you can’t think of anything else…they are so cute and have such interesting poses.  What more could you ask for in a photo?


Mari said...

I feel the same way, when I'm the one taking the picture. However - I love your shots, no matter what.
This one is great! Cats are funny!

Christina said...

Great angle!
Oh, what would I photograph if it wasn't a dog, turtle or a flower? I think that's the majority of photos on my blog! :)

Michelle said...

That just made me laugh the minute I saw it. :)

bentonflocke said...

really interesting pose! Cute shot!