Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mental Flossed (234/365)

2010 08 22 IMG_9335w
“Amnesia used to be my favorite word, but then I forgot it.”


TIME:  8:14 PM
PLACE:  My Dad’s house

It looks like I can’t go spending the inheritance quite yet ~ which is a good thing.  Dad’s MRI was fine and he was released from the hospital this afternoon.  The doctor said he’s back to almost 100% and that he has no limitations on any physical activity, although to placate his children, he agreed to take it easy for the next week.  The doctor also said that the chance of reoccurrence is very slim.  After we left the hospital, I drove to Taco Bell for a quick lunch before heading for his house.  On the way home, Dad said he could remember a few things that happened Saturday morning, but it was like they were a dream and what he did remember was very disjointed, other than that, his memory is pretty much back to normal.  After dropping him off, I went back home.  Around 5:30-6 o’clock,  the family and I drove out to his boss’s to pick up his car (she drove it from the races) and bring it back to his house.  While we were at Dad’s, I noticed that he had just received his new Mental Floss magazine in the mail and I thought it would be amusing to take his photo with it…since we have the same weird sense of humor, he agreed to pose for me.  So things are 100% better than they were on Saturday.  The only downside is that I can’t convince him that he agreed to give me a $10,000 check with no strings attached right before we raced yesterday.  Can’t blame me for trying.


Mari said...

Glad your Dad is ok. That sounds like what we went through with our daughter earlier this year. Very scary at the time, but she is ok now too.

bentonflocke said...

glad your dad is released and ok!
My prayers are with you and your dad

Christina said...

Glad your dad is doing okay! Love your sense of humor in sharing this photo! :)