Friday, August 27, 2010

Cornfield Sun Flare (239/365)

2010 0827 IMG_9550w 
“Give me the splendid silent sun
with all his beams full-dazzling,
Give me juicy autumnal fruit ripe and red from the orchard,
Give me a field where the unmow'd grass grows,
Give me an arbor, give me the trellis'd grape,
Give me fresh corn and wheat, give me serene-moving animals teaching content,”

Walt Whitman (1819-1892), U.S. poet. Give Me the Splendid Silent Sun (l. 1-5). . . The Complete Poems [Walt Whitman]. Francis Murphy, ed. (1975; repr. 1986) Penguin Books.

TIME:  6:49 PM
PLACE:  On the way to the mall
SUBJECT:  Sun between the corn stalks

Even though I despise going to the mall anytime during the weekend (there are way too many people for my taste), I ventured out with DramaQueen to Borders after supper because I needed to purchase a gift for my nephew’s 7th birthday party tomorrow.  On the way, I noticed the cornstalks in the fields are beginning to dry out and turn brown – a sign that summer is winding down and fall will soon be here.  I took a couple of pictures of the drying stalks, but DQ liked this one with the sun flare the best.


Mari said...

Perfect! I was commenting about the corn here too. I can see that Fall is on the way.

bentonflocke said...

DQ is right, that´s an amazing shot!! Yeah, autumn is just around the corner