Sunday, May 22, 2011

Chippy Patina (142/365)

2011 05 22 IMG_1895w
“Fewer and fewer Americans possess objects that have a patina, old furniture, grandparents pots and pans / the used things, warm with generations of human touch, essential to a human landscape. Instead, we have our paper phantoms, transistorized landscapes. A featherweight portable museum.”

Susan Sontag (American Writer, Activist and Critic, 1933-2004)

TIME:  7:43 PM
PLACE:  Back yard
SUBJECT:  Iron table legs

More front porch furniture prep work today.  I bought this glass-topped iron table from a neighborhood estate sale before DramaQueen was born.  It’s been on my front porch for-ev-er and was looking pretty sad.  So I wire brushed all the loose paint this morning.  My plan was to spray paint it a navy blue, but after I was done brushing it, I changed my mind.  I decided that I’m just going to apply a clear coat so all of its glorious, chippy patina shines through.  It will provide a nice contrast to the freshly painted yellow chair, which is awaiting a final coat of paint and some new bolts before re-assembly.  Next up – the metal glider.

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Mari said...

I like that chippy patina!