Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Prepped and Primed (138/365)

2011 05 18 IMG_1784w
[talking to the chassis]
Harry Hogge: I'm gonna give you an engine low to the ground... extra thick oil pan to cut the wind from underneath you. It'll give you thirty or forty more horsepower. I'm gonna give you a fuel line that'll hold an extra gallon of gas. I'm gonna shave half an inch off you and shape you like a bullet. I'll get you primed, painted and weighed, and you'll be ready to go out on that racetrack. Hear me? You're gonna be perfect.

Duvall, Robert, perf. Days Of Thunder. Dir. Tony Scott. 1990. Paramount Pictures. DVD.

TIME:  7:12 PM
PLACE:  Back yard
SUBJECT:  Rust-oleum primer & metal chair seat

This evening, I began to prep an old metal chair for a new coat of paint.  The hardest part was removing the rusted bolts that held the seat to the frame.  Luckily, I was able to find some penetrating oil in the garage that worked wonders.  I sanded the frame and seat with some 100 grit sandpaper, wiped it all down and sprayed them with a coat of primer.  I plan to paint the frame white, but I haven’t decided on the color for the seat.  This chair, along with a metal glider that is also on the project list, belonged to my paternal grandmother (*Light bulb moment* I’ll call Dad and find out the original color).  They have been sitting against the back of my house for a couple of years…it’s about time I got off my duff and made them pretty for the front porch.

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