Friday, May 20, 2011

Scissors And Glue (140/365)

2011 05 20 _MG_1830w
Homer: This is Thanksgiving, so glue friendly or else I'll take away the glue and then nobody will have any glue to glue with!
Lisa: Dad, this isn't about glue, it's about territoriality. He only wants the glue because I'm using it.
Bart: Oh yeah, prove it
(she hands him the glue) Hey man, I don't want your stupid glue.

"Bart vs. Thanksgiving".
The Simpsons. Episode no: 20. Prod. code: 7F07. Orig. airdate: November 22, 1990

TIME:  6:45 PM
PLACE:  School gym
SUBJECT:  Craft supplies

StellaDella’s Girl Scout Troop had a “End Of The Year Party” this evening for all the levels of the girls: Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors.  We had nachos and burritos for supper, did some crafts, face painting, manicures and had a sundae bar for dessert.  Unlike last year when we had an overnight in the gym, this was just for the evening…thank goodness.  I’m still wiped out from Monday and Thursday.
And a big “Happy Birthday!” and “I love you!” to my dad – 69 years old this year!

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