Saturday, May 14, 2011

Waiting In Rows (134/365)

2011 05 14 DSCF8730w
“Here the marble statues breathe in rows.”

Joseph Addison (English essayist, poet and statesman, 1672 - 1719)

TIME:  8:27 AM
PLACE:  St. Mary of the Angels Convent, St. Louis, MO
SUBJECT:  Religious statues up for auction

DramaQueen, my dad and I met my sister at an auction this morning over in St. Louis.  The Franciscan Sisters of Mary had decided that its convent was no longer practical for the declining number of sisters who lived and worked there and relocated them to other convents.  This was the first of two auctions of that are being held for contents of the convent.  Religious art, statuary and crosses, furniture and glasses, china & accessories were up for bid today.  I didn’t buy anything - I’m trying to cut back - although I would have loved to have a statue or two come home with me.  More furniture is up for bid next week Saturday – I spied a mid-century pole lamp that would be the perfect touch behind my orange chair.

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