Monday, May 30, 2011

Tram-pamp-o-line (150/365)

2011 05 30 IMG_0061w
Todd: Each leap brings us closer to God.
Rod: Catch me, Lord, catch me!
[They collide in midair and fall injured to the ground] What have we done to make God angry?
Todd: You did it!

The Flanders children jump on the trampoline, "Bart's Inner Child." The Simpsons. 11-Nov-1993.

TIME:  6:22 PM
PLACE:  My sister’s
SUBJECT:  My nephew, Michael and DramaQueen

Busy Memorial Day – MonkeyBoy was up at 5:30 this morning to help place flags at the cemetery, then he had to be dropped off at the Junior High School at 8am to march in the 10am parade with the band.  I picked him back up at the school at 11:30am.  Finally, we (Me, DQ, MB, SD and my dad) went to Busch Stadium so MB could perform with the band at a pre-game ceremony for the 3:15pm Cardinal game.  We stayed until the 5th inning (after the very ugly Giants grand slam in the 4th) then left to go to my sister’s house for the tail end of a family get together.  The kids were hot and tired while riding in the car, but were able to muster enough energy to jump on the trampoline after we arrived.  That’s my nephew flipping in the air – he’s going to be a senior in high school this fall.

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