Thursday, May 19, 2011

SkyScreamer (139/365)

2011 05 19 DSCF8780w
Go Big! Go Six Flags!”

Six Flags Theme Park Motto

TIME:  2:28 PM
PLACE:  Six Flags-St. Louis
SUBJECT:  SkyScreamer swing ride

MonkeyBoy’s school band had a field trip to Six Flags today and I was one of the chaperones.  It rained. all. stinkin. day.  AND it was cold.  Did that stop the kiddos?  Hell to the no.  The rode The Boss (wooden roller coaster), bumper cars, the Highland Fling (a ride that spins horizontally then vertically).  They were all completely soaking wet when they went on this ride (I was only slightly drier watching them under my lovely blue vinyl poncho with Bugs Bunny on the back).  It had to be quite brisk at those 23 stories above the ground and being flung around at 43 mph.  Then - because really, how much more wet could they get? - they rode the Log Flume about 8 times in a row.  While I waited for them I amused myself by taking photos of my feet…

2011 05 19 DSCF8826w 
(See the rain? Cold! See the edge of the blue poncho? Très chic!)


Mari said...

Very cool shot of the Swingscreamer!

Christina said...

I like the angle; it looks like a flower! :) Passed by Six Flags last Saturday afternoon, another rainy day! Can't control the weather, just go with it! lol!