Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The 80’s Are Calling (144/365)

2011 05 24 IMG_2143w
What’s black and white and hot pink all over?
…A sun-burned zebra

Really bad joke

TIME:  9:16 PM
PLACE:  Kitchen
SUBJECT:  DramaQueen’s newly refurbished desk chair

Warning!:  Don’t look at the photo too long, or you might go blind.  I highly suggest that you fashion one of those eclipse viewers to view this post. 

Wow. Florescent pink and zebra stripes. I’m having 80’s flashbacks just looking at this photo.  Think
Zubaz Pants.  Just wow.  *closes eyes and shakes head hard to clear image of those pants featured in that link from my head*  Ok…way back when, my mom purchased this chair at an estate sale for a then 3 year-old DQ.  Until this evening, it had the original white frame and faded pink velvet tufted upholstery.  Now, thanks to the wonders of spray paint, new fabric, foam cushioning and an electric staple gun, DQ has the chair of her dreams.  Here are before and after photos to help you better appreciate the transformation:  

IMG_2120 copyIMG_2127 copy
She loves it.  It’s not my style, but then again, it’s not my chair.


Dana said...

Oh my! I *ADORE* this!!

Mari said...

Such a transformation! Perfect for DQ!

Christina said...

Fun transformation! Love it! Lime green would have been a good combination too! :)